4 Ways to Stay Strong When Your Child Is Struggling

It is undeniably hard to watch your child struggle. While you can’t always change the situation, here are a few choices that you can make that will help you stay strong in the battle and avoid crumbling under the pressure.

7 Real Signs Your Kid Is Overscheduled

In today’s world, kids have more commitments than ever before. Sporting events, play practice and other events both after school and weekends can keep kids on the run from the moment they get up to the moment they lie their heads down at night.

Is it Sinful to Spank Your Children?

Spanking is a sin when done out of anger. The Word of God says to not sin in your anger, in other words, reacting out of your sin nature is against God’s perfect will for loving relationships. A child does not feel safe when parents don’t control their emotions.

How Should I Teach My Kids about the Armor of God?

However, the armor of God in Ephesians is not designed to equip elite Christian soldiers, while other (less committed) Christians serve as civilians. Rather, it is given to enable all of us to be prepared Christian soldiers, in an often hostile world.

When Should I have the Birds and the Bees Talk with My Kids?

When trying to discern when and how to teach your kids about sex, you must know your child well enough to know when it’s time to begin a dialogue about sex. A wise parent will realize your child will likely become curious about sex younger than when you grew up because the agenda of our culture is to capture and mold the minds of our children to accept and practice sexuality that is dishonoring to the Lord.


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