Spiritual Life

4 Great Reasons to Not Be ‘Color Blind’

True racial reconciliation is incredibly difficult. It involves honoring our differences, and there are no simple solutions. But this is exactly the kind of work that Jesus has called us to do.

5 Mighty Prayers to Release Satan’s Strongholds

Strongholds are present in our lives because we seek comfort, success, and peace through the perceived remedy of worldly attainments and desires. The more we attempt to lessen the draw of addictions by our own means and power, the more the bondage attaches to our soul. The only true release of Satan’s strongholds is found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

4 Powerful Ways to Pray for a Hedge of Protection

When we trust omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, almighty God, he will lead, guide, and direct us. God stands ready with a spiritual hedge of protection to shield us from the world and to keep us from letting the world seep into our life.

8 Tips for Finding Peace in Your Children's School Decisions

Everyone wants the best for their kids, and let’s face it, there’s really no ideal ‘scenario’ here. In an ideal world everyone would be vaccinated before returning to work or school. However, since that reality is still a way off, parents are left weighing up the ‘least bad’ option instead—and there’s so many different factors to consider.


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