A Prayer to Find Satisfaction in God - Our Eternal Joy and Peace

Today’s verse reminds us that the true everlasting, fully satisfying, that will never leave us hungry is from Heaven, and that is Jesus. Today’s passage is referring to how God supplied manna to feed the Israelites as they fled Egyptian slavery and as they traveled, with Moses as their leader, for 40 years throughout the wilderness. While bread to eat was nourishment and life to their bodies, the true bread of Heaven is Jesus, who gives life to their soul and the world. What a beautiful reminder! 

That longing that we all have to be fulfilled can be fulfilled by simply calling on the name of Jesus. He is our one True Bread that will give us everlasting life with Him one day in Heaven. We can turn to Him today for that hunger for fulfillment we feel inside of us. We can turn to Him to satisfy us and quench our hunger needs. Let’s pray today and ask Him to satisfy us in ways that no food, person, or thing ever can.

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