E. 200th Street Stroll

What in the world (or at least in Cuyahoga County) is The E. 200th Street Stroll….and why do we love it? Who? Volunteers from E. 200th Street small businesses and Euclid area non-profits plan and host the Stroll for our community with very little money but with lots of love and creativity. What? It’s a great event that celebrates the good things in our neighborhood. No outside vendors….just participating businesses on our street who commit their Stroll support by offering freebies or specials to the strolling public. Non-profit organizations are invited to line the sidewalks to share their missions and often host fun activities at their site. We don’t charge for participation but certainly appreciate donations that enable us to offer some entertainment for our attendees.....Lolly the Trolley (to help people get easily up and down the street), the Euclid Beach Rocket Ship and Thriller Cars and we add music to our line-up when we are financially able. When? This year the Stroll is Saturday, June 1 from 10 am to 2 pm…the Saturday after Memorial Day. It’s our 13th year! Where? E. 200th Street in Euclid (and also a small part of Cleveland’s North Collinwood neighborhood on our southwest corner) from the Route 90 freeway north to Lake Shore Blvd. Why? Because…. our Mission: In celebrating our great City of Euclid and its residents, the E. 200th Street Stroll exists to promote E. 200th Street businesses and the community resources available to all. Community….It’s what you and I make of it so let’s make it great! Sherrie Zagorc, Chairperson [email protected] 216.798.7089


E. 200th Street Stroll
E. 200th Street
Euclid, OH 44119
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