Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Beginning April 5th at tune in to Discovering The Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Schneider. This inspiring program can be heard weekdays at 4:30 p.m. on The Word Cleveland 1220AM. 

What does the Ministry of Discovering The Jewish Jesus believe?

Equipping the Body

  • By delivering the “Pure Word” of Jesus (Yeshua) with power and clarity that transforms the lives of His people into His own image.
  • By communicating, with simplicity and authenticity, the prophetic synergies between the Old and New Testaments, building one’s faith.
  • By teaching the Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity to empower and enlighten the believer’s walk.
  • By preaching with revelation that ignites a greater comprehension of God’s character.
  • By calling God’s people into true repentance so that they may walk in greater union with Him and bear much fruit!

Mobilizing the Church

  • To take hold of her upward calling and to be conformed into the image of Messiah (Philippians 3:12, Romans 8:29).
  • To recognize and carryout her role as a witness to the Jewish people (Romans 11:11); thus accelerating the return of Jesus (Yeshua).
  • To be all God intended; by equipping, compelling, and pouring into the lives of Pastors and leaders around the world.

Evangelizing the World

  • Taking the redemptive, life transforming “Good News” to the lost, with signs and wonders following.
  • Taking Rabbi Schneider’s radical testimony of hope, of destiny, of one who can relate to rejection; to those who are hurting and hopeless.
  • Taking the miracle message of a Jewish carpenter turned Savior to the Nations through television, internet broadcasts, and “on the ground” evangelistic crusades.
  • Taking Rabbi Schneider’s unique insights of the Old and New Testaments combined with his compassion, to the lost; creating a “mighty weapon” in the hands of God around the world.

Preparing the Bride : Revelation 22:17-20
Our hope and our prayer is that the Lord will use Discovering The Jewish Jesus to prepare His “Bride” for His return.
17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
“Come quickly Lord Jesus”
20 “Yes, I am coming quickly.”

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