Turning You On To Classical Music

Turning You On To Classical Music

Join Dennis Lewin every Saturday afternoon and hear the music and life stories of the great musicians and composers who shaped the world of classical music.

About Dennis Lewin

Born on August 15th 1959 in Cleveland Ohio began piano at the age of 4 with his grandfather the late great concert pianist Joseph Lewin. At age 6, Dennis began studying classical piano with Margaret Heller, an Alumni teacher from The Cleveland Institute of Music. After Miss Heller’s retirement 4 years later, Dennis auditioned for concert pianist and teacher Dr. Andrius Kuprevicius at The Cleveland Music School Settlement. He remained with Dr. Kuprevicious for 9 years. When Kuprevicious became the head of the piano department at Cleveland State University, Dennis followed and also majored in musical theory with Dr Heywood Alexander. It was during college that Dennis began playing in many local rock bands including This, The Mirrors (with Chris Cuda on guitar) Rhapsody (with Gary Braden, Ron Puzzitiello, Robby Bell and Gus Oswald) and Lazar.This was also when he began experimenting with original music and over the next few years he would score much success in the field of writing. In 1983 Dennis joined the very popular local group Jonah Koslen and the Heroes. The Heroes received a great deal of local success and recorded 1 album called "Aces".


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