Victory In The Word

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Victory in the Word’s aim is to promote biblical literacy within the body of Christ and biblically prepare church leadership and the body by training them in the areas of biblical theology. Christian counseling, Christian education, church administration and more. Join us every Monday afternoon at 1:00 PM for Victory in the Word.

About Elijah Span

Elijah has been involved in adult Christian education for over 30 years. He has presented scores of workshops, retreats, and seminars over the last three decades.

Elijah is a graduate of Maranatha Bible College & Institute and has received 60 some odd Continuing Education Units from the Association of Christian Schools International. He also attended Moody Bible Institute's extension school.

Elijah is a ETA (Evangelical Training Association) certified instructor. He has received certificates of completion of course work (each one equivalent to 23 class hours.) in the following areas of Christian ministry:
- Christian Counseling
- Church Administration
- Theology
- Pastoral Studies
- Leadership Development
- Bible
- Christian Education
- Outreach (evangelism)
- Discipleship
- Worship

Elijah was the host of "Victory in that Word" a weekly radio broadcast; this Christian Education broadcast served the greater Cleveland area for over twelve (12) years.


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